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Mother with her Child

Welcome to PACE PHYSIO

Private physiotherapy for infants

children and youth, in the comfort

of your own home.


Happy Kids with Books

Pediatric Physiotherapy 

Helping infants, children and youth with posture and movement challenges have fun, stay healthy and

realize their dreams.

Do you need Physiotherapy ?

Mother and Baby


Is your infant:

  • Having difficulty with tummy time?

  • Developing flattening at the back or side of the head?

  • Rolling only to one side?

  • Crawling using only one side?


  • Scooting on their bottom?

  • Having difficulty learning to walk?

  • Waiting for PT services in the hospital?

Why PACE Physio ?

Personalized - Timely - Flexible - Evidence Based

Family Centred: develop goals, treatment plans, and individualized home program together


Early Identification: postural, motor control and activity challenges


Convenient Location: home, daycare, playground, community centre

Flexible: single appointments or multiple sessions

Evidence Based: computerized assessment with standardized testing

Classes: Small classes for parents with infants & toddlers with or without special needs         

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My Story

Janet L Hale, DPT

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Drexel University, and a graduate of McGill University (BScPT, MSc Rehab Science),

I offer the highest standard of patient care. Having worked as a physiotherapist at the Montreal Children's Hospital, Hospital for Sick Children, and Alberta Children's Hospital I understand movement difficulties associated with children, including those with illnesses. For the past 20 years, I have specialized in home care physiotherapy services for infants and children, with the birth to three population, in Early Intervention Services, USA. In addition to teaching pediatric courses at the University of Toronto, I was also a faculty member responsible for pediatric curriculum at McGill University and the University of Maryland. My experience with pediatric physical therapy curriculum and teaching ensures that my PT practice is evidence based and current.


Hours of Service


 Monday - Friday:  8am-5pm. Other hours as needed.


First appointment: in home

Follow-Up Visits: in home, daycare, playground, community


Covid Precautions in place.


Telephone or Email me to set up FREE consult

Keyboard and Mouse
Child in Air Yoga

Contact me

I’m here for you when you need me. Call me to schedule an appointment or use the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Name: Janet L Hale, DPT


Home Care Physiotherapy Services, Montreal, Qc


Phone: 514-792-4136

Thanks for submitting!

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