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Important Pediatric Resources


Autism Spectrum Disorder 

A brain development disorder affecting your child's communication and social skills, play and behaviour.

Can also affect the motor control, postural and sensory systems. New to the Montreal area, a sensory room

which can calm children with ASD


Cerebral Palsy

A group of disorders in the development of motor control and posture associated with an injury to the

developing brain. May also associated with changes in sensation, perception, cognition, communication

and possibly seizure activity.  Consult Cerebral Palsy Guide or Cerebral Palsy Guidance for other useful websites.

Developmental Coordination Disorder

A motor skills disorder which affects the child's posture, motor coordination and ability to perform everyday tasks

Screen Time Recommendations 

Learn all about how to develop healthy screen time habits for your child 

Family Resources for fun with physical activity

Ideas and website links on the importance of physical activity and how to stay active with your child



Jooay - Connecting Children & Youth with Disabilities with Leisure

A free app that helps children with disabilities and their families find leisure activities

which are close, accessible and suit their needs and abilities.

F-Words in Childhood Disability - Fun, Function, Family, Fitness, Friends, Future  

A new way to think about disability, focus on the F-words

Transitioning to adulthood - CanChild

Lots of ideas to help you as you transition into the adult world from adolescence.

Transitioning to Adulthood - APTA Fact Sheet

A fact sheet from the American Physical Therapy Association on transitioning

from adolescence to adulthood


Zero to Three - Early Development, Learning & Parenting

Learn all about your infant and toddlers milestones. Another useful website

Tummy Time Play - Atlanta Children's Hospital

Lots of different ways to do tummy time

Torticollis / Plagiocephaly 

Learn all about the physiotherapy practice guidelines for this diagnosis 

Baby Navigator 

Learn all about the important infant milestones with lots of videos  

Autism Navigator

Learn how to identify the early signs of autism in your toddler

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Children & Youth Services 

In this section, I have included the links to the hospital, rehabilitation and orthotics centers

Medical & Rehabilitation Services


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