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Competitive pricing for specialized services -

physiotherapy for infants and children

Initial Visit

  • ​​Individualized assessment visit 

  • ​Online writeup of assessment, goals, treatment plan and home care plan.

  • ​Discharge criteria discussed at the outset.

  • Initial Report sent to your physician

  • Regular communication to physician and other team members.

  • ​​​Full report sent to insurance company, as needed 

  • Initial 1 hour home visit ($225/hr) with initial assessment report 

  • Standardized tests may take 2 visits to complete

  • Rates adjusted as necessary

  • Free consult online or via telephone

  • 1/2 hour virtual consult visit $100​​​​


Follow-up Visit 

  • ​​​​​Follow-up visit in your home, daycare, playground or community setting.

  • 60 minute session ​​

  • Daily writeup with goal updates update of home program suggestions.​

  • Communication with physicians and team members.

  • 1 hour home visit with progress report note - $175

  • Rates adjusted as necessary

  • Discharge Note & followup letter send to your physician



  • Small classes 3-4 infants or children (larger classes if desired).

  • ​60 minute play sessions 

  • $50 - $60 /class - depending upon class size.

  • ​Classes can be held in the community centre, park or someone's home. 

  • ​Classes focus on stimulating development, preventing postural and movement difficulties, play with peers, purposeful play, staying healthy and having fun.

  • ​Classes for special needs additionally involve an initial evaluation or report from their physiotherapist. 

Mother and Son on Yoga Mat

Infant Classes

Early Infancy (1-3 months) 

  • handling, positioning, carrying, equipment

  • ways to do tummy-time

  • prevention of head flattening, head tilt

  • positioning in car seat, stroller

Infancy (4-6 months)​

  • tips: stimulating rolling

  • tummy-time play

  • purposeful play

  • equipment - pros & cons

  • lifting & carrying

Early Mobility (6-12 months)

  • tips: stimulate in & out of sitting, crawling, standing

  • play to both sides, asymmetries, bottom scooting

  • what is tone?

  • purposeful play

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