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Find out what past clients are saying about working with Dr. Janet Hale,

a home care paediatric physiotherapist working with infants and children.    

“ I had the privilege of working with Janet in Early Intervention in Pennsylvania for many years. The positive impacts she makes on the lives of children are immeasurable. She uses the latest technologies along with her creative thinking to adapt everyday items to assist children in reaching their motor goals. She respects each families unique needs and gives 100% to helping a child reach their full potential. Each child becomes a small part of her heart and family. Janet is an amazing physiotherapist and your child will be better for having had her help.” 

Kelly Beauchamp - Case Manager

York Adams Early Intervention 

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Janet. We were blessed to have her as our physiotherapist through Early Intervention in Pennsylvania. Our son Landon suffered multiple strokes in utero or at the time of delivery. Initially, he had been doing ok the first few months, but then he began to show signs of hypertonia especially in his left hand. That’s when Janet entered out lives. She was so wonderful with our son and also an amazing comfort to me. My husband and I are both physicians, and even with our training, as a first time mom, I was still very nervous and fearful of the unknown with our son. Landon continued to make amazing and wonderful progress with Janet. Her empathy, patience, and overall demeanor with Landon was just what he (and I) needed. When he began to walk shortly after his first birthday, kicking a soccer ball around the living room, I cried tears of joy. Four years later, he is a thriving 5 year old in kindergarten with no neurological issues. Baby brain plasticity is amazing and Janet helped him with and through all of this! While we’re sad Janet moved to Canada, we still keep in touch with her to this day. She was a part of our family and always will be! We cannot recommend her enough.”

Dr Melanie Farabaugh - mother 

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